'fresh and fabulous with flair'

​​The florist tree

About Me

About me ...... 'L'amour des Fleurs' is just the most descriptive phrase, combining my

two  greatest passions - Flowers and France.  The words just roll off my tongue and

resonate  within my soul.  Flowers seem to have been part of my life for as long as I can

remember.  My mother was a very talented Floral Artist and our home and garden was

always filled  with the heady perfume of beautiful blooms, I pursued a floristry career later

in life after diverse and fulfilling careers within the retail, hospitality and corporate areas.  

We moved from Perth to Tasmania in 2001 where I had my own flower shop, The Florist Tree

for several  years.  Back in WA in 2010, I opened a shop in Beaufort St, Inglewood and

commenced working part time as Workplace Trainer & Assessor at Flowers Design School where I

was educated. In September 2012 I relocated my shop to the front of the school in West Perth and then became the  Principal.  In 2014 I relocated back to Beaufort Street Inglewood and as this block is being demolished

to make way for high rise apartments and retail space I now work from a studio in Bayswater.

​​You can find florist 'companies' everywhere but none of them do it like #imaREALflorist

There is such a plethora of online Order Gatherers out there, purporting to be a real florist shop when, in fact they are an

online entity collecting orders and then redistributing to florists at a far reduced value to what you have paid. When you seek

one-of-a-kind creative solutions, your local florist is your first go-to option.   Look for the trademarked hash tag #imarealflorist

to know that you are dealing with a real florist who will give full value for money.

We LOVE flowers and want that you do too!