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Hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Maxine loved

her flowers and has been raving about them to everyone.  Your site was easy to

follow and showed the different creations you make. It is always hard to send a gift

to her and postage is so expensive so we have now started a tradition! If ever you

need an endorsement let me know ..... I am thrilled'.
 Donna (Canada)

'5 stars - Thank you for getting it so right. My daughter was so pleased with her flowers and they

looked fabulous. Ordering was really easy. Definitely use this service again. Thanks."
-Aberdeen Scotland 

"Thank you so much. The flowers and card were perfect. You did an amazing job. Thanks" 
-Mitchell C - USA

Beautiful - Thank you so much.  We really appreciate ir.  Regards, Vanessa B - Perth

Thank you!  That's so cute X - Debbie NSW

The flowers were lovely - Thankyou!   Lee Perth WA

5 stars -      My friend texted when she got home from work and said the Flower Fairy had delivered some beautiful flowers.  Thank you so much.  They look gorgeous - Jan Ashburton Vic

5 stars - Your flowers are amazing! Thank you, she received them and they're beautiful.

Alex - Sydney NSW

5 stars - Thank you Cheryl for such beautiful work.  The flowers were a lovely surprise for them and both parents thanked me.  The pink carnations were a sweet touch for me as I've

                               always loved them since first                                     sight in my Grandmother's                                                 Garden.  Susan                                                                   Broome

We LOVE flowers and want that you do too!